Acute Care Level 2 CNA Training Program

  • 116 Hour Program

    • 56 Hours of Theory

    • 62 Hours of Clinical at an Acute Hospital

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Acute Care Level 2 CNA enables CNA’s to work in an acute care setting.  As a certified acute care CNA, you can work in Pediatrics, Post partum, Pre-op, medical-surgical, and in transitional units.  These jobs give you the opportunity for higher income, and more valuable work experience.  This certification helps you stand out from other applicants when applying for jobs in hospitals, and can make a difference on the salary you request and positions you are offered.
After working for 4 – 5 years in an acute hospital as acute CNA, you have accumulated enough hours to challenge the LVN licensure examinations including a course in medical terminology & 54 hours of Pharmacology.

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Required Training

  • To qualify for enrollment into the Acute Care CNA Program individuals must have a current CNA license.