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NCLEX Review for LVN & RN

What is NCLEX?

NCLEX is an exam required to get licensed and legally practice as a nurse in the United States. NCLEX is an acronym that stands for National Council Licensure Examination. After successfully completing a program at an approved nursing school, a prospective nurse must pass one of two versions of the NCLEX in order to obtain a license to practice. The NCLEX-RN is required to become a Registered Nurse (RN) and the NCLEX-PN is required to practice as a Practical Nurse (LPN or LVN).

Pass your NCLEX the first time!

NCLEX Review

  • School group rates available
  • Cost includes books, testing materials, and CDs
  • Review includes integration of Disease Pathology, Pharmacology, Laboratory Tests, & Clinical management.
  • Review follows the NCLEX Test Plan including practice testing, simulated testing and predictor testing, as well as audio simulation review.


Our NCLEX review seminars are held every month in Colton, California, as well as several satellite locations. There is no need to take the chance of not passing the first time you take the test.  Our extensive review is patterned after the NCLEX test plan, and provides a conceptual and critical thinking approach that will thoroughly prepare you to pass the NCLEX.

It is our goal for you to pass the test. If you attend the first session and feel that you are not ready to take the test, you are welcome to come back and attend the following reviews until you are ready.  With simulation testing, and prep tests, Dr. Domingo ensures a higher probability of passing.

If the dates or times scheduled do not fit your schedule, please fill out the contact form and suggest times that you are available. We will do our best to accommodate you.


NCLEX Review Schedule for 2014


July, 2014 11,13,18,20,25 NCLEX 0900-5:00 Colton
Aug, 2014 15,17,22,24,29 NCLEX 0900-5:00 Colton
Sept, 2014 12,14,19,21,26 NCLEX 0900-5:00 Colton



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Payment Options

Satellite NCLEX Review Courses

HSIC is proud to deliver NCLEX review courses to a number of satellite locations outside of the normal Colton, CA campus.   Review courses are scheduled as needed in Los Angeles, and Palm Springs, CA.  If you are interested in having an HSIC trained professional perform an NCLEX satellite review in Los Angeles or Palm Springs, please contact us.

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